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Measuring Curtains

Smart Tip for Measuring Curtains

  • For measuring the width, ensure that the track or pole is ideally postioned 6 (15 cm) above the window and extend 6 -8 on both the sides, excluding finials.
  • While measuring the curtain drop, the starting point should be.
  • For curtain poles / rods; underside of pole ring to make it visible.
  • For curtain tracks; the top edge of track to hide it.
  • Decide about the lenght - whether you want it to fit to the sill, below the sill or to the floor.
  • Sill length finishes (1.5 cm) aove the sill.
  • Below the sill finish is 6 (15 cm)
  • Floor length curtains finish (1.5 cm) from the floor.
  • For pencil pleat curtain, measure from the eye of small metal ring at the bottom of ring to prevent obscurity.
  • For pinch pleats, measure the length of the track plus returns or overlapping to fit the track or pole.
  • For tab top and tracks - measure right from the very top of pole.
  • Always use metal tape for accurate measuring.
We also manufacture as per custom designs. Click here to send us your requirements.

How to Measure Your Curtains

Use a metal tape measure so that your measurements will be as accurate as possible.

To make things simple we require only two measurements to make your curtains: Total Curtain Width and Drop Height (in inches or centimeters).

First measure the length of your curtain pole or track (A). If you do not have one yet bear in mind that the pole or track should ideally be positioned 6" (15cm) above the window and extend 6" (15cm) either side of the window (excluding finials).

As a rule the width of your curtain material should be at least twice as wide as the pole or track. A wider curtain will give a more luxurious effect. When you supply us with a Total Curtain Width (pole/track length) measurement, we will calculate how much material to use.

Before measuring the Drop Height, decide whether you want your curtains to fit to the sill, below the sill, to the floor or trailing. We suggest that sill length curtains finish 1/4" (0.6cm) above the sill (B), curtains that fall below the sill finish 6" (15cm) below (C), floor length curtains finish 1/2" (1.3cm) from the floor (D) and trailing curtains finish upto 12" (30cm) beyond the floor (E).

If you are using tracks you should measure from the top of the track (F). If you are using poles you should measure from the eye at the bottom of the curtain rings (G). For tab top curtains measure from the top of the pole (H). For slot tops and eyelets measure from 1" (2.5cm) above the pole (J).

How to Measure Your Valance

Measuring up for your valance could not be easier! Tell us the Valance Width (pole/track length) (K) and any Valance Returns (L), and we will use the dimensions of your curtains, as well as our own experience, to help us decide what proportions would look best. Of course if you have your own ideas you can always Contact Us for an even more personal service.

The exception to this rule is the scarf. For those with a flair for design this valance allows for much creativity. Take a piece of string and roughly imagine how you want your scarf to look. Drape the string around the top of your window as if it were the scarf, allowing for loops, knots, etc., then simply measure the length of the string used (to the nearest foot or half meter).